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Be Transformed, Be Empowered, 

Be Intentional

Mission & Purpose

AGM (Andrea Gates Ministries) is a ministry dedicated to teaching, inspiring, and training leaders to operate in every aspect of ministry with a spirit of excellence.


AGM has a kingdom mandate to teach the value and necessity of purpose, while providing the basic steps to living an intentional life. The heart of the ministry is to assist leaders in developing ministry strategies, conference planning, and executing vision in the most excellent manner.

God has given me the assignment to be to women what I always wanted someone to be to me. As a result of that, The Pour Mentorship was birthed. Can I be honest? I never saw or really even see myself as a mentor...real talk. I am literally just obeying God. Most of all, He told me to do  this one at no cost to anyone. That is why I will be very selective. I can't afford to waste the pour. 

I will have two different groups because I understand that we are often in two phases as it relates to purpose: Discovering it or Walking in it. So, for Group 1, I will be helping women identify their purpose and take the necessary steps to prepare to walk in it. For Group 2, this will be exclusively for women who are called to 5-Fold Ministry. They must be actively operating in ministry. If you feel like this is what you need, feel free to sign up. I simply ask, serious women only. 

Applications Open Monday, October 31st