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Be Transformed, Be Empowered, 

Be Intentional

Monday Matters: Spiritually Setting The Atmosphere of

Your Week

52 Week Interactive Devotional

Monday Matters: Spiritually Setting the Atmosphere of Your Week is a powerful interactive fifty two week devotional. It contains powerful encouraging messages accompanied by thought provoking questions for study and self examination. Andrea's transparent approach to each daily dose of encouragement will empower you and challenge you to think outside of the box. Not only does your Monday's matter to God, but everyday of your life God has pr‚Äčomised to be with you. This devotional is excellent for individual and group study. Order at the link below.

The Intentional Life

"The Intentional Life" is a must read for those who are searching for their purpose. Andrea believes, whether obtained or not, we all were created for greatness and for a specific purpose. God is intentional, and everything He does is birthed out of purpose. No matter what your background, economic status, or present situation is, you have a divine purpose. There is no better day than today to begin to live the life that you were born to live. Order your copy today at through the link below.

God Has Not Changed His

Mind About You

"God Has Not Changed His Mind About You", is a powerful, transparent, and easy read. Regardless of your past failures, mistakes, or shortcomings, the plan of God for your life has not been cancelled. God covenanted to love you knowing beforehand all the bad decisions that you would make. His love is unconditional. Nothing you have done, or will do catches God by surprise. Receiving the unconditional love of God will transform your life for the better. Order your copy today at through the link below. 

God's Little Girls:

I Was Born With My Crown

God's Little Girls is a powerful book that contains 15 daily confessions for little girls 12 and under. It is time that we teach our daughters how powerful their words are that they speak over their lives . They are not waiting to be crowned queens, but because of who they are in Christ, they were born with their crowns. Order a copy today for your daughter, niece, or family member. Order at the link below. 

When God Remembers You:

On the Other Side of Losing It ALL

"When God Remembers You", is a compilation of transparent paths to victory taken by seven women, who know the strain of being processed into what God has for you. Many times we see people after they have arrived to a more happy time in their lives, and we have no idea how they arrived there. Greatness is often birthed out of pain, and the worth of it many times isn't seen until we are out of the storm. From the loss of a loved one, the tragic death of a child, sexual and physical abuse, divorce, the loss of one's self, prison, and the powerful discovery of purpose, you are sure to connect to one or more of these life changing stories of how to arrive on the other side of losing it all.