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Be Transformed, Be Empowered, 

Be Intentional

Intentional Weekend 2022


September 8th -10th we will spend 3 days in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee being intentional. We are asking each woman to please make sure this is a space that you need to be in before you register. This is not Destiny Pushers or like any other encounter that we have. It is "For Women Who Mean Business". If you are not PRESENTLY operating in ministry, business (entrepreneurship), or purpose, PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER for this weekend.

We will spend three intimate days pushing you to the next level. 

Andrea Gates comes with years of ministry and leadership experience and a divine calling to walk with others on the path of purpose. Pauletta Brown, a prolific teacher, destiny pusher, and degreed counselor, offers an unorthodox method of confronting the issues of your soul while pursuing purpose. Dee Edwards, prophet, master coach, and serial entrepreneur, comes with a wealth of knowledge in the ministry and marketplace, and she possesses the fruit of Godly success. This dynamic team will walk you through to your next. 

We will have loads of fun, but we will also DO THE WORK! This is all inclusive. Meals, transportation, and your intentional bag will be included. The only thing you will be responsible for is your meal that you will have on Saturday when we stop for lunch in route back home. Pray before registering and make sure this is a a place you need to be in. This is not about whether you have the resources, but it is about, is this the space for you. Let's Go! Destiny is Calling!

COST: $600          Deposit: $100 (non-refundable)

Balance Due: By August 1, 2022

We will spend three days in a beautiful cabin with a plethora of amenities. We will travel together and get an opportunity to create memories along the way. Prepare to have a weekend to remember.

Pack your swimsuit for the indoor pool, get ready to do popcorn and a movie in the theater room, along with the pool table, games, and a kitchen space to accommodate everyone.